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We believe in customer satisfaction

Shop4me247 is an online shopping and delivery services managed by Manny Groups Limited which is a leading air and sea freight service provider within the Africa regions with huge focus on the Nigeria international logistic sector in over 12 years. At the core of our service is the belief that logistics should be stress free and transparent.

Shop4me247 is an online platform set up to assist both private and commercial customers with an enhanced ways of buying goods from the western world such as UK and EU from Africa. While also affording  individuals and  businesses in Africa an opportunity to seller to the global market through its dedicated market place platform.

Therefore shop4me247 acts as a LINK between Africa and the rest of the world by giving consumers and providers of both continent a great platform for business transactions with an excellent and guarantee delivery and supply chain management system.

Eva Daboh

Manny groups have helped me to deliver my business goals over the years.

Who we are

Shop4me247 is an online shopping and delivery service provider, managed by Manny Groups Limited a UK registered business with over 12 years experience in international freighting sector. Shop4me247 is an online platform set up to offer  a seamless selling and buying of goods and services  to private and commercial  sectors in  UK, EU and Africa thus creating a trade opportunities between the two continents such as ebay, amazon and other online platforms.

Manny groups is currently a leading freight provider in the UK and Nigeria with over 1000s of customer base by delivering  a timely, reliable and effective services within the European and African continent .

Manny groups aim to create a business opportunity for micro businesses and SMEs within the Africa states hence generating revenues capable of improving the living standards of millions of youths who can now trade with little start up capital and compete globally  with their counterparts.